Known Issues and Limitations
Air Canada

(Updated 31 August 2022)

Currently, there are some gaps in functionality which are documented below. We are working toward closing these gaps, and you will be duly informed when the functionality will become available. We will follow a development lifecycle of giving notice of when the functionality will be available for your development/testing in the gold release and the targeted production window.

Additionally, we endeavor to make our Sandbox as close to Production that we can, to ensure that your development and testing experience is optimal. However, there are some limitations as the sandbox relies on multiple data sources from production and the synchronization points are not the same. Where we have identified issues caused by different synch points, we have documented below.

Issue/Limitation Environment
Unable to modify seats/ancillaries for partially flown PNR
When modifying a Partially Flown PNR, adding seats/travel options is not supported.
Unable to modify an itinerary when changing from a direct flight to connecting flight
When modifying a Partially Flown PNR, changing from a direct flight to a connecting flight, OrderCreate is failing.
E-Mail scenarios:
1. Ticket number is missing from E-mail confirmation for refunds.
2. Infant fare could be incorrect in confirmation e-mail. Total fare and total charged amounts will still be correct.
Incorrect flight duration in AirShopping response and flight duration missing in OfferPrice response.
Only for flights with connections. The bound duration is returned as the flight duration. This is happening in Window Shopping responses where flight duration is returned.
Middle Name is missing in OrderView Response.
Middle Name is entered during OrderCreate request but is missing in OrderView response for INF.
Booking fails when booking interlining on UA or UA subsidiaries.
ATPCO’s sandbox relies on data copies from the various systems that support shopping and pricing. Not all systems are on the same schedule, which does cause some issues.
Failures with interline bookings on UA and/or UA subsidiaries like SkyWest/OO are caused by UA making frequent updates to their schedule in their sandbox. These updates are not always reflected on the copy that the NDC Exchange sandbox is referencing.
If at the time of shopping/pricing, the ATPCO and UA sandboxes are out of synch, when your OrderCreate or AirBook RQ is submitted for a seat on the OA flight, the request is sent over to the airlines’ schedule, however, it will not match.
If the schedule does not contain the exact match for the flight present in our sandbox (could be a time change, aircraft change, etc), the booking fails on the backend with an error, “REQUEST REJECTED”, meaning the request to book one of the segments has been rejected by the interlining airlines. The solution is to test only interline bookings on AC.
Baggage information is returned in the OfferPriceRS.
Baggage information was previously returned in ServiceListRS; however, it is no longer returned in the response as baggage cannot be purchased during the shop to book flow. You will receive baggage information in the OfferPrice response.
Passenger numbers cannot be amended.
The number of passengers cannot be changed in the shop, price, and book flow. This is working as designed for NDC 17.2, as the offer information includes the number of passengers.
Fare rule text display
FareRulesRQ/RS full functionality is not available. However, text displays are available in AirShoppingRS and OfferPriceRS.
Seat prices varying between Seatmap and Airprice
This price variance occurs when selecting seats on a trans-border Roundtrip due to applicable taxes calculated differently in Seatmap vs Pricing. The price quoted at Airprice will always be correct.
PN numbers
There are ongoing issues when PN numbers are passed, in the Sandbox environment:
- In shopping, pricing, and booking, the PN discounts are simply ignored and provide no discount or NegotiatedFare.
- In ancillary shopping and Seatmaps, a “PN is invalid” error message is returned.
AC is looking into this and we will keep you updated on an ETA for the fix.