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Air Canada Functional Capabilities

OrderCancel Request

The OrderCancelRQ service provides the ability to cancel the booking. The service cancels the booking and refunds the refundable amount to the original form of payment if applicable.

Canceling an order is a two steps process for AC in the NDC 2017.2:

  1. NDC 2017.2 OrderReshopRQ/RS – It provides details about cancellation like forfeit and retain, refund, etc.
  2. NDC 2017.2 OrderCancelRQ/RS – It cancels the existing reservation.

Details that are required to be passed in the request:

  • OrderCancelRQ/Party/Sender/TravelAgencySender/Contacts/Contact/EmailContact/Address
  • OrderCancelRQ/ExpectedRefundAmount/@RefundAllInd
  • OrderCancelRQ/Query/Order/@OrderID
  • OrderCancelRQ/Query/Order/@Owner

Air Canada Refund VS Retain

  • Refund - When the user provides @RefundAllInd as true then refund to the client’s original method of payment for a given booking (i.e., credit card).
  • Retain - The customer can retain the value of the canceled itinerary and use the funds toward future travel with Air Canada. When the user provides @RefundAllInd as false then retain the funds for future travel.

OrderCancelRQ 01

<OrderCancelRQ Version="17.2">
		<Name>ATPCO AGG NDCx 2.0</Name>
		<ReferenceVersion>IATA NDC 17.2</ReferenceVersion>
	<ExpectedRefundAmount RefundAllInd="true">
		<Order OrderID="4CU6TY" Owner="AC"/>

OrderCancel Response

Cancel response includes:

  • OrderCancelRS/Response/OrderCancelProcessing/Remarks/Remark
  • OrderCancelRS/Response/OrderReference
  • OrderCancelRS/Response/TicketDocInfos/TicketDocInfo/FareInfo/Total/Amount
  • OrderCancelRS/Response/TicketDocInfos/TicketDocInfo/FareInfo/BaseFare/Amount
  • OrderCancelRS/Response/TicketDocInfos/TicketDocInfo/FareInfo/Taxes/Total
  • OrderCancelRS/Response/TicketDocInfos/TicketDocInfo/FareInfo/Taxes/Breakdown
  • OrderCancelRS/Response/TicketDocInfos/TicketDocInfo/TicketDocument

OrderCancelRS 01