User Acceptance Testing Details


Corporate contracts providing access to private corporate fares that are given to the corporations and can be booked by eligible Travel Agencies:

Test Contract Account Code Test IATA
AB999C ACAB999C 0004564—POS CA/0004580—POS US

PN Numbers

An account number given to companies enrolled in the Air Canada for Business (ACB) loyalty program for small and mid-size businesses, which provides access to special offers:

ACB Account Tier Status Test IATA
PN1475138 ADO No Tier 0004564—POS CA/0004580—POS US
PN1475437 ADO 20K Account 0004564—POS CA/0004580—POS US
PN1475438 ADO 150K Account 0004564—POS CA/0004580—POS US
PN1475439 ADO 300K Account 0004564—POS CA/0004580—POS US

FQTV Profiles

Individual Account number for Air Canada loyalty program:

  • CANADIAN/Elitefpon testacweb
    Frequent Flyer Number: AC354395774—50K
  • SCHWAGER/Bruce
    Frequent Flyer Number: AC199303074—25K
  • ROMAGNUOLO/William
    Frequent Flyer Number: AC362500399—25K
  • ITALY/Stella
    Frequent Flyer Number: AC349391086—100K

Test Credit Cards

Type Number Expiry Date CVV
CA 5555 4444 3333 1111 10/22 737
TP 1354 1001 4004 955 12/22
VI 4012 9999 9999 9999 10/25
AX 3780 0000 0000 004 10/22 7373
DC 3894 0000 0000 03 10/22 737
MC 5555 5555 5555 4444 10/22 737 (optional)

NTP Codes

Promotional codes with discounts applied to fares or ancillaries, or both:

  • Fare Discount 10%: GC8XPVN1, GDGJCN71
  • Fare Discount 15%: GDMGPZ71, GDTU29V1

NTP Codes—Conditions