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03 August 2022 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Defect Title Airline Service Gold
Documentation has been updated for ERBD, in Step 03 of UC02-04. OrderReqshopRQ-Price the OrderItem must be for the ITIN (i.e., Air) part. Not an ERBD OrderItem. WN OrderReshop Available
Stop information was inconsistent in OrderReshopRS_Reb and has been corrected. WN OrderReshop Available Available
OrderCancelRS was returning empty Cancellation Amount Type. WN OrderReshop Available Available
Response was missing ResidualValue transferrable amount. RTF was incomplete. WN OrderView Available Available
Error fixed when ERBD is purchased on a ticketed PNR for multi-city itinerary. WN OrderChange Available Available
Response updates, aligning NDC to reflect Fare Family benefits per in AirShopping, OfferPrice, OrderReshop-SHOP, and OrderReshop-PRICE. WN Multiple 09 Aug 22 11 Aug 22