NDC Exchange Introduction

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new XML-based business messaging standard. The NDC Standard enhances the capabilities of communications between airlines and sellers, supporting personalization of airline product offers and more sophisticated retailing capabilities.

ATPCO is committed to helping cut through the complexity of NDC by developing and deploying NDC Exchange, a community driven marketplace enabling airlines and sellers to exchange orders and offers. NDC Exchange is message format agnostic, empowering both airlines and sellers to connect via a single API regardless of their API standard or version. NDC Exchange facilitates the real-time message translation to support the shopping, booking, ancillaries and servicing processes.

With NDC Exchange, participants can access all their airline partners’ content without having to build each connection separately. By participating in this community, you can extend your market reach and explore new business opportunities.

NDC Overview

With NDC Exchange 2.0 (Aggregation Service) there is a single API, as opposed to the earlier version where each carrier had its own API. Aggregation Service introduces standard requests and responses, and where applicable standard flows. Aggregation Service does the behind the scenes orchestration to fulfill the nuances for each airline.

Aggregation Service allows sellers to submit a single request (e.g., AirShopping) and receive aggregate responses from multiple airlines (including enrichment services and ancillaries available), thus creating a single response for the client/seller. It will send applicable carrier requests to applicable carriers and streamline the multiple carrier/provider responses into a single request. Providers and sellers will benefit from this service as it will reduce the load on all systems.