Returns model type, window size and expected cabin pressure for the aircraft.

# Use request parameter:

Response parameters:

Attributes Type Description/Values
id num unique numerical identifier (e.g. 1)
display_text string up to 30-character string (English) see character limits by language (e.g. "A320 (narrowbody)")
quality string an assessment of the aircraft cabin_pressure and window_size (better, standard, n/a)
model string model of plane (e.g. A320, 777, etc.)
type string the type/size of equipment operated (bus, helicopter, jumbo, larger regional jet, narrowbody, smaller regional jet, train, turbo/prop, widebody, n/a)
cabin_pressure string an assessment of the aircraft's cabin pressure (normal, enhanced, unpressurized, n/a)
window_size string an assessment of the aircraft's window size (standard, larger, smaller, n/a)
updated_at string indicates when the data element was last updated (date and time in ISO 8601 formatted field e.g. ‘2018-11-04T09:20:22Z’)