Returns passenger entertainment options and any corresponding charges.

# Use request parameter:

Response parameters:

Attributes Type Description/Values
id num unique numerical identifier (e.g., 1)
display_text string up to 30-character string (English) see character limits by language (e.g., "On demand entertainment")
quality string an assessment of the best entertainment type available (better, standard, n/a)
cost string whether there is a charge to access any available entertainment (free, paid, n/a)
exists string one or more entertainment types available (yes, no, n/a)
type string the best entertainment type available (livetv, loop, none, on-demand, overhead, pre-download, seatback, streaming, tablet, n/a)
offerings string if an aircraft has more than one entertainment type available the groups are separated using “and”. If the entertainment types are uncertain the groups are separated using “or”, including all possibilities. (0 or many groups of entertainment offerings)
delivery_medium string how the entertainment is delivered to the passenger for an entertainment offering (in-seat, none, overhead, pre-download, streaming, tablet, n/a)
content_type string the type of content available for an entertainment offering (avod, iptv, livetv, movies, tvshows, n/a)
selection_type string how the content is selected for an entertainment offering (on-demand, live, loop, n/a)
updated_at string indicates when the data element was last updated (date and time in ISO 8601 formatted field e.g., “2018-11-04T09:20:22Z”)
operator string indicates how multiple offerings are to be interpreted; please see the Amenities Backwards Compatible schema for full details