Returns wireless internet connection availability, coverage, type, performance and cost (free or for a fee).

# Use request parameter:

Response parameters:

Attributes Type Description/Values
id num unique numerical identifier (e.g. 1)
display_text string up to 30-character string (English) see character limits by language (e.g. "Better Wi-Fi")
quality string an assessment of the type of connectivity available (better, standard, n/a)
performance string indicates speed/bandwidth (good, better, best, n/a)
cost string whether there is a charge to access Wi-Fi (free, free or paid, paid, n/a)
exists string indicates that Wi-Fi or cellular_roaming exists on the flight (yes, no, n/a)
chance string indicates that Wi-Fi is offered on some but not all of the aircraft in the subfleet scheduled to operate the flight. There is a chance that this Wi-Fi type may not be available depending on the airline's flight operations. Full means that Wi-Fi is offered on 100% of a the subfleet, whereas some means there is a low percentage of Wi-Fi installed across the subfleet (some, good, very good, full, n/a)
connectivity_type string indicates passengers can use any devices equipped with Wi-Fi, e.g. a laptop computer, smartphone or tablet. The cellular_roaming value indicates that only smartphones may be used, not in the Wi-Fi mode, and that roaming charges may apply (cellular_roaming, GSM_WiFi, Trial, wifi, n/a)
type string the type of connectivity available (chance, smartphone_data_roam, wifi, none, n/a)
updated_at string indicates when the data element was last updated (date and time in ISO 8601 formatted field e.g. “2018-11-04T09:20:22Z”)