Table Creation

Tables will be created according to the following Footnotes:

  • The category will be created if its data and its subdomains (supporting 900-series tables) are successfully created
  • The category will not be created if any of its data or its subdomains (supporting 900-series tables) encounter an error
  • Subdomain tables will be created and displayed in the response if they are successfully created, even if the category main data contains errors
  • You can provide known Record 3 900-series table numbers for the subdomains when submitting a request instead of data for a given field name. However, if a request contains a combination of table number and data for a field name that is within a subdomain, the system will validate that the data table exists and ignore the provided data for the field name. If the data table does not exist, the response will have an error condition and re-display the table number used and the data in the original request.
  • Any Record 3 tables created for Footnotes are valid for use only in the Footnotes Application or Footnotes Upload
  • Any Record 3 tables created, excluding Category 25 and 35 and their supporting 900-series tables, are valid for use by any organization. For example, when a Category 14 request is received, if the data has been previously created by any organization, the existing table number will be returned in the response to the requesting organization. Tariff restrictive edits and ownership will not be applied in the creation of a Record 3 table.

Tariff restrictive edits and table ownership will be enforced when the Record 3 table is applied to a Record 2 sequence, during upload or manual input in FareManager.