Credential Management and Tracing

ATPCO has made available standalone features that will support the integration of the source code, namely Credential Management and Tracing.

Credential Management

Airlines do not always have full visibility and control of the entity(ies) consuming or servicing their content. This is an impediment to having full content control, providing optimization of offers, distribution through all channels at scale, enforcing access rights, providing better differentiation in offer creation, and servicing. It will also provide full visibility of the entity(ies) involved in their distribution channels. Such a standard will provide the capability to articulate details of the ORG (Originator of Request) or Sender (i.e., Sales Channels, Travelers) of the sale request. And all cascading entities operating on behalf of the ORG. In doing so, providing airlines more control and transparency in their distribution channels.

The footprint of “Credential Management – Access Controls” within the air travel industry is far reaching and touches every aspect of its business and operational processes. That process may include:

  • Identity Management: Who is asking?
  • Access Rights: Who has access to what content?
  • Content Management: What content is in question?

ATPCO’s existing infrastructure for providing subscription, data and access controls; provides a framework that does not only support the industry at scale today for all traditional fare processes. It also provide all the necessary data to empowering the airlines to create and distribute fares and NDC offers. ATPCO is extending its current subscriptions, data, access controls and tables standards; to support industry articulated gaps and pain points in credential management.

Furthermore, ATPCO CPMS-Customer Profile Management System is aiming at addressing this pain point by enabling Suppliers to control who have access to their content in an NDC environment.

Tracing Module

In an environment where billions of transactions are executed in real time, it becomes imperative to go beyond logging but focus more on tracing. Logging store unstructured data at a high level about transactions. Tracing goes a step deeper and monitors all connected applications while focusing on performance to help in troubleshooting technical issues. ATPCO Tracing capabilities will help track a request as it traverses through many inter-dependent applications.