SeatAvailability Functional Capabilities

SeatAvailability Request

The SeatAvailabilityRQ service returns priced seat map with one or more flights for the requested OfferID. Currently, it can only be called during the pre-booking flow.

The ResponseID and OfferID must be used in the SeatAvailabilityRQ from previous AirShoppingRS:

  • /AirShoppingRS/ShoppingResponseID/ResponseID
  • /AirShoppingRS/OffersGroup/AirlineOffers/Offer/@OfferID

As per the IATA NDC 2017.2 schema standard, a multiple offer cannot be included in the same SeatAvailabilityRQ. Also, the OfferItemID cannot be passed in the SeatAvailabilityRQ.

SeatAvailabilityRQ Modifiers and Details

Corporate Contract Number (CCN)
It is not required to pass this in the request. This is processed internally and applied during itinerary pricing. Currently not available.

Normal Tariff Passenger (NTP)
It is not required to pass this in the request. This is processed internally and applied during itinerary pricing. Currently not available.

Supported in NDC 2017.2:

  • /SeatAvailabilityRQ/DataLists/PassengerList/Passenger
  • /SeatAvailabilityRQ/DataLists/PassengerList/Passenger/LoyaltyProgramAccount

When the SeatAvailabilityRQ has multiple travelers with different FQTV tier levels, all passengers benefit from the benefits of the highest tier.

Language Code
The language code should be provided in /SeatAvailabilityRQ/Parameters/Languages/LanguageCode. If a language code is not provided in the request, then English is the default language.

Passenger Type Code
ADT, CHD, YTH, and INF is supported.

<SeatAvailabilityRQ Version="2017.2">
		<Name>ATPCO NDC</Name>
		<ReferenceVersion>IATA NDC 17.2</ReferenceVersion>
			<!--The Sender Type "EnabledSystemSend" will be used for users who do not use an IATA number-->
			<!--The Sender Type "TravelAgencySender" will be used for users who use IATA number (Travel Agencies)-->
		<Offer OfferID="NJJFBQ-OfferID-1" Owner="YY" ResponseID="5fcf3507-b34f-44d5-acb2-67f22c1199df-8867.213716374781"/>

SeatAvailability Response

The SeatAvailabilityRS service includes a detailed price breakdown for each seat of the requested offer in the request.

  • Each ALaCarteOfferItem (for each specific Seat like 12C, 15A) is created in the response for all passengers. This section displays the price breakdown for the specific seat.
  • The ALaCarteOfferItem is created for each flight segment (not for each bound) and each type of seat. For example: ASPM, ASPW, ASPA (each of these types should create different ALaCarteOfferItem to display the price details)
  • /SeatAvailabilityRS/ALaCarteOffer/ALaCarteOfferItem/Eligibility/PassengerRefs
    This includes all available passenger in the request. For multiple passenger scenarios, the user should remember that the seat should be assigned for each passenger in the OfferPriceRQ or OrderCreateRQ.
  • Each ALaCarteOfferItem displays the total amount of the seat, including taxes. This section displays taxes total, but does NOT display the base amount of the seat price.
  • The SeatMap (/SeatAvailabilityRS/SeatMap) section displays the below details:
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/SeatMap/Cabin/CabinType (displays details like Economy, Business etc.)
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/SeatMap/Cabin/CabinLayout (includes information about wing position, start and end rows, exit row position, etc.)
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/SeatMap/Cabin/Component
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/SeatMap/Cabin/Row/Number (displays the specific seat number)
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/SeatMap/Cabin/Row/Seat (includes seat status, seat characteristic code, and column)
  • The ServiceDefination section displays details about each seat type, such as ASTM or ASTW (standard window seat):
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/DataLists/ServiceDefinitionList/ServiceDefinition
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/DataLists/ServiceDefinitionList/ServiceDefinition/Name
    • /SeatAvailabilityRS/DataLists/ServiceDefinitionList/ServiceDefinition/Descriptions/Description
  • Seat Type Code
    • ASPM - Preferred middle seat
    • ASPA - Preferred Aisle seat
    • ASPW - Preferred Window seat
    • ASTM - Standard Middle seat
    • ASTA - Standard Aisle seat
    • ASTW - Standard Window seat
  • OfferID with multiple flights (connecting flights) – The SeatAvailabilityRS includes multiple SeatMap and FlightSegment for connecting scenarios.